Collage series

Normally we can only look from one perspective, but as Haverkamp plays her gameshe simultaneously assembles a number of angles and scale disappears when we enter her speculative world. With an out-of-body experience we can see ourselves from a different angle while we are inside the body at the same time, lost in an everlasting state of being in-between. Haverkamp leaves us behind confused.

Being an Amsterdam-based artist her collage series; URBAN PERSPECTIVE is inspired bij the urban area. She creates meaning through constructed processes until she finds a world she felt reflected her own.

Text: Lotte van Geijn

In the Urban Perspectives collage series Marte uses strong urban building elements that she cuts from fahionmagazines. With her surgeons knife she meticulously cuts out all the objects in the foreground- be it famous or fashion- and throws them away, until she has the raw buildingblocks she needs to create a new space. With these raw elements, these isolated architectural buildingblocks she creates a new sense of space and possibility. In the collages, made up of roughly 3 or 4 elements, and glued on grey carboard the photographic illusion of depth and perspectice in one element is lifted by the next and together they seem to form a new space.

With these strong architectural spaces made from fragments cut out of fashion magazines Marte Haverkamp seems to create her own world of possibilities, bold spatial designs! On show during This Art Fair 2016