• Within the last few years Marte Haverkamp (1983) has mastered the art of collage making. The only thing she needs is glue, paper and scissors – and the magic appears. In her series of hundred collages, Brain Flow (2013), we meet a lot of people en-profil and en-face; their heads stuffed with strange thoughts. The red silhouettes in Switch Turn Your Dream On! (2015) are dancing and posing, but for her project Make it New Make it Weird (2015) she has left the surface of the paper and made a collage-machine. We become participators as she transforms our faces with new senses; mouth, ears and eyes have become optional. But when the rain falls, it washes the people from the city. All that is left are the empty streets and wet buildings. At such a time, Haverkamp wanders around and finds the perfect spot. Normally we can only look from one perspective, but as Haverkamp plays her game, she simultaneously assembles a number of angles, and scale disappears when we enter her speculative world. With an out-of-body experience we can see ourselves from a different angle while we are inside the body at the same time, lost in an everlasting state of being in-between. Haverkamp leaves us confused. Marte Haverkamp being an Amsterdam-based artist, her latest work, Room with a view (2016), is inspired bij the urban area. She creates meaning through constructed processes until she finds a world she felt reflected her own. Emerging into a sepia coloured world it welcomes the visit of a group of flamingos. They symbolise beauty, balance, and grace. They are flirtatious and full of confidence. Haverkamp encourages us: ‘Take a parachute and jump!’


  • Exhibition list

    Gallery Lokaal WV15, group show 25 - 04 - 2015 t/m 5 - 4 - 2015
    MAKE SENSE, a group show 7-2-2015 t/m 8-2-2015
    Art In Redlight, Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam 26-12-2014 t/m 30-12-2014

    Dikker & Thijs Fenice Hotel, Amsterdam 6-6-2014 t/m 24-8-2014

    Zomer expo, Gemeente museum Den-haag. 28-05-2014 t/m 31-8-2014
    Art In Redlight, Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam 26-12-2013 t/m 30-12-2013
    Dutch Design Year, Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam. 01-07-2013 t/m 1-5-2014
    Hoofd Stroom, Oudeschans Amsterdam. 20-10-2013 t/m 13-11-2013
    PAN Amsterdam. 18-11-2012 t/m 25-11-2012
    HRN 74+, Amsterdam. 25-10-2012 t/m 05-12-2012
    Plantage Katoen, Amsterdam. 02-10-2012 t/m 02-11-2012
    De Modefabriek, RAI Amsterdam. 23-01-2012 t/m 24-01-2012

    Galerie Pouloeuff, verboden aan te raken Naarden. 13-01-2012 t/m 08-04-2012
    Artevent Emmen. 10-09-2011 t/m 24-09-2011
    HKU design store, Utrecht. 30-06-2011 t/m 03-07-2011

    De Loods, DepARTmentSTORE. 08-04-2011 t/m 21-05-2011
    Street Canvas, Met Pasen Open. 24-04-2011 t/m 25-04-2011
    Kunstpaviljoen, tentoonstelling gespot tallent, 06-11-2010 t/m 26-12-2010
    Ontwerp op de weg, Haarlem. 05-11-2010 t/m 14-11-2010
    Dutch Design Week, Strijp S, Eindhoven. 23-10-2010 t/m 31-10-2010
    Dutch Design Week etalage route, Hema Eindhoven. 23-10-2010 t/m 31-10-2010
    HKU-Design route, Utrecht 13-10-2010 t/m 20-10-2010
    Exposure Eindexamen expositie, HKU Utrecht. 24-06-2010 t/m 27-06-2010
    EAH pup op store, Amsterdam. 21-01-2010 t/m 24-06-2010

    Kerst expositie bij Van Duivenbode interieur, Haarlem. 01-12-2009 t/m 10-1-2010
    Ontwerp op de weg, Haarlem. 07-11-2009 t/m 8-11-2009
    Design 030, Utrecht. 28-11-2008 t/m 21-12-2008
    Beautiful Cultures, Dutch Design Center, Utrecht. 24-11-2007 t/m 26-11-2008
    Hema huis, Amsterdam.12-10-2007 t/m 14-10-2007