Within the last few years Marte Haverkamp has mastered the art of collage making. The only thing she needs is glue, paper and scissors and the magic appears.

In the series of hundred collages Brain Flow we meet a lot of people en-profile and en-face; their heads stuffed with strange thoughts. The red silhouette in Switch Turn Your Dream On! are dancing and posing, but towards her project Make it New Make it Weird she has left the surface of the paper and made a collage-machine. We become participators as she transforms our faces with new senses; mouth ears and eyes have become optional choices. But when the rain falls it washes the people from the city. All there is left are the empty streets and wet buildings. At that time Haverkamp wanders around and finds the perfect spot.

Normally we can only look from one perspective, but as Haverkamp plays her game she simultaneously assembles a number of angles and scale disappears when we enter her speculative world. With an out-of-body experience we can see ourselves from a different angle while we are inside the body at the same time, lost in an everlasting state of being in-between. Haverkamp leaves us behind confused. Being an Amsterdam-based artist her work Urban Perspective  is inspired bij the urban area. She creates meaning through constructed processes until she finds a world she felt reflected her own.